That English Comedy Show #1 - Jurkiewicz, Brym, Feliga, Badr & Rygielski

Are you going to That English Comedy Show?!
You know, the one on the rooftop?

If you love seeing stand-up in English, and happen to be in Warsaw, then we have a treat for you. For the price of a cinema ticket, you will be getting 2 hours of the best English-speaking comedians in Poland giving you their best stuff at the most classy venue in Poland — Level 27 Warsaw.

Located at the top of the Atlas Tower skyscraper, Level 27 Warsaw regularly ranks in the top 100 of World's Best Clubs Rankings. They are now dedicated to helping us bring you comedy nights that you'll remember for a long time!

So come up, take in the breath-taking sunset over Warsaw, get your drink, relax and let loose at the first edition of That English Comedy Show, which will feature:

Cezary Jurkiewicz
One of the pioneers of stand-up in Poland, a 12-year veteran of the Polish scene. His specials recorded over 9 million YouTube views, and he has performed on Comedy Central and HBO. One of the founding members of Stand-Up Polska, the largest, most recognizable stand-up collective and brand in Poland. One of the people that took Polish stand-up from basements all the way to the big arenas.

Gaweł Feliga
The host of the #1 comedy podcast in Poland. Always a sceptical misanthrope, he tries to defuse the situation by telling jokes about how lost we are. He loves stand-up, as it's the only activity where if you fail, people don't laugh at you. A 10-year veteran of the Polish scene, performed at clubs across the US, performed on Comedy Central, both in Polish and English.

Filip van der Brym
Having lived in Chicago and Netherlands and not having found the balls to do English comedy there, he decided to come to Warsaw to ‘bless’ us with it. One of the fastest developing comedians in Poland, in a couple short years he has already supported and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business. One of the most active comedians in the Warsaw English Comedy scene. Performed on BBC World Service.

And the show is brought to you by your hosts:

Badr Standup Comedy
The most explosive Syrian comedian. That’s saying something. Even his surname sounds a bit like ‘laughter’. Because it’s made up. Why did we make up his surname? Let’s be real, it’s not like you’re going to remember a Syrian surname. That’s one reason. Another: He may or may not say things that will put his family back at home in grave danger. You have to see it. Unless you’re from the Saudi embassy. In that case, there’s nothing for you to see here. No, really. Please don’t come. At least wait for the show to be over before you take him.

Dave Rygielski
The biggest comedian in Poland. Deciding his 6ft5 frame made people too comfortable, he decided to lift weights to appear more friendly. His accent is so English that English people ask to see his Polish ID, and his appearance is so meathead that people don’t ask to see his philosophy degree—they just don’t believe it. Encouraged by almost getting 100 thousand views, and actually getting 2 threats for his Polish stand-up clip on the internet, he decided to go back to his passion—performing in English to people who can’t get through his accent.

About That English Comedy Show

The Warsaw English Comedy scene was a small, but extremely vibrant and exciting place to be over the years. Unfortunately, many circumstances slowed it down, and the pandemic killed it completely. That English Comedy Show aims to be a regular, crown-jewel show where you can come to see the best, and where the comedians can aspire and look forward to performing. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality comedians and their always-new material to our audience, and we are dedicated to paying every comedian we invite for their work. Come and enjoy the show, knowing the comedian is not doing it for a beer token.

If you are a comedian that would like to perform at TECS in the future, please contact Dave through his fan page.
Phone: 733-661-094


That English Comedy Show #1 - Jurkiewicz, Brym, Feliga, Badr & Rygielski

18:00 3 września 2020
Level 27, Al. Jerozolimskie 123 A, 02-017 Warszawa

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