Stand-up Comedy: open mic in English (15.01)

Stand-up No Limits and Heca are inviting you for brand new English stand-up comedy open mic scene in Wrocław!

Amateurs and full-time comedians will gather at Heca to test new jokes! We'll hear either bursts of laugh or... comforting round of applause. Come to help them out! Cause we all know talking to mirror is not very helpful. For anyone. Ever.

Host: Famous Jim Williams - As a stand-up comedian, Jim performs in both Polish and English. His first Polish show, “I’m Gonna’ Mowic Popolsku” won several awards at Polish comedy festivals, and he appeared on Dzieki Bogu Juz Weekend and Tylko Dla Doroslych. In English, Jim has performed all across Poland and Central Europe, as well as in Russia. He is the founder of World-Wide Comedy, and is known as The Godfather of stand-up comedy in English in Wroclaw, having produced multiple English-language shows each month for the past 5 years.

In short!
- WHERE - Heca
- WHEN - 15.01 / 8pm
- HOST - Famous Jim Williams
- ENTRANCE - free ;) /limited number of seats/

Wanna come on stage to test new material? Or want to see if you're really that funny? Send us a message Stand-up No Limits or an e-mail -


Stand-up Comedy: open mic in English (15.01)

20:00 15 stycznia 2019
Heca, Rynek 7, 50-106 Wrocław