Stand Up Comedy Open Mic with a Twist

We would like to invite you to a truly original comedy open mic. Each performer gets seven minutes on stage and a challenge (hence the name). This way even if you have heard the jokes before you will see something new 🙂

Want to perform? Write “spot please” on the event. You will get seven minutes, beer and your own unique challenge. Don’t be afraid 🙂 Challenges will be simple – for example you will have to use a prop or a specific word given to you before your show. How you want to use it – many times or just once – is totally up to you.

If you want to see the show come to Cafe Szafe on 25th September. You will pay as much as you want, no tickets 🙂

Seven Minutes Challenge will be hosted by gentlemen who have really twisted accents:
Tibor Szilagyi and Tomek Biskup.


Stand Up Comedy Open Mic with a Twist

20:00 25 września 2019
Cafe Szafe, Felicjanek 10, 31-104 Kraków

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