Pete presents: Dave Thompson

Who is Pete and what is he presenting? 
Pete Szumowski somehow completed a stand-up tour around the world which lasted 409 days. It was spread across 5 continents, occured in 3 languages and was seen in over 30 countries at more than a dozen comedy festivals. He has now returned to the land where it all began- Warsaw city. "Pete presents" is a monthly English comedy event where Pete Szumowski invites comics from all around the world. He presents and they perform- what else do You need? 

This time the main act is... DAVE THOMPSON 
Dave Thompson has performed his stand-up comedy act in over thirty-four countries. Known for his zany style, Dave appeared in four feature films and numerous TV shows including 'Harry Hill's TV Burp'. He's best known as the actor inside the Tinky Winky costume in the world-famous TV show 'Teletubbies'. If you think that show was weird, wait until you see Dave live on stage! Imagine all the cat videos fired into your mind by a device from the future. Well that's Dave Thompson. Surrender to your dreams as he manifests words, that take you to the dawn of our collective soul. Dave was inside the Tinky Winky costume in the cult TV show 'Teletubbies'. And then he got weirder.

"One of the best comedians on the comedy circuit." Stewart Lee.


Pete presents: Dave Thompson

20:00 31 maja 2018
niePowiem, Nowy świat 27, 00-029 Śródmieście (Warszawa)

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