Famous Jimmy's Lonely Hearts Club Stand (Up Comedy)

A special valentine's day treat featuring 3 of Warsaw's hottest comedians! Bring a date, come alone, either way you'll be in for a night of top-notch comedy hosted by the Godfather of Wroclaw Comedy in English Famous Jim Williams!

Having spent half of his life in England, Andre Sosnowski has had quite a lot of time and opportunities to commit a rather decent amount of mistakes. So many, in fact that he had to return to his homeland of Poland, where he continues his steady decline into madness and despair. A frequent visitor to some of the most renowned hospitals in Europe, he's funny enough to make you laugh rather than feel sorry for him. He also has a moustache under his impressive nose, which he parades confidently around the stage...or the audience if he so pleases and tells stories of his life, as he just can't help but to get himself in hilarious situations in which he makes ludicrous choices. Thankfully, Andre's more than happy to tell us about them. Expect possibly tall tales of travel, adventure and wind instruments!

Filip van der Brym was born in Poland but grew up and studied in the USA and Netherlands. In order to free himself from a future as a boring ass lawyer and a reputation of a lazy, kielbasa-eating thief, he has come back to Poland to tell you all jokes. His relaxed stage persona mixed with well thought-out material will satisfy even the biggest comedy snobs. Intelligent, silly and fun loving, he will take you with him on a journey in using comedy to deal with life's infuriating frustrations. Filip finds sanity in laughter. Let's laugh with him.

Bartosz Zalewski is a stand-up comedian from Wrocław, now residing in Warsaw. Former part of Stand-up Polska crew he has over 8 years of comedic experience, 3 stand-up specials under his belt and a belt, apparently. His English performances are a mix of language twists, weird references and one-liners, all delivered in dodgy accent. He also does kinderbals, not as a performer, just attending them.

Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets available online via GoOut for 15zl, or at the door for 20zl.


Famous Jimmy's Lonely Hearts Club Stand (Up Comedy)

20:00 14 lutego 2019
Czarny Kot Klub, Ul. Ruska 47/48a., 50-079 Wrocław

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